CfP BRISMES 2018: Southern-led Responses to Displacement in the MENA Region

British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES) annual conference, King’s College (London), June 25-28, 2018 ( 

Panel Title: Southern-led Responses to Displacement in the MENA Region

Convenors: Dr Estella Carpi and Dr Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Migration Research Unit (University College London)

The longstanding human displacement and forced migration flows in the Middle Eastern region have invited scholars and researchers to think in new ways about the collective and individual meanings of mobility, culture-oriented models of care, and the role of transnational and local networks in mobilising people, ideas and resources in the so-called global North and the global South.

Moreover, the eligibility criteria that crisis-stricken populations need to meet in order to access aid and care have been intertwining with their diversely motivated acts of moving or remaining, adding complexity to the predominant identity politics that tends to define needs, rights, and nature of claims within the MENA region.

To assist refugees – and vulnerable local populations at a later stage – an unprecedented number of emergency aid programmes have been implemented by Northern humanitarian agencies and global North donor states in the last decade. Such Northern responses have often ignored, complemented, supported, or stifled global South responses developed by formal and informal providers, and by the so-called ‘non-traditional’ donors.

It is therefore paramount to conduct critical explorations of multifaceted Southern-led responses, especially in light of UN and Northern states’ expanding interest in ‘localising’ responses to displacement. This panel looks for contributions analysing Southern-led responses to displacement in the MENA region, which can be heterogeneously configured in terms of formal humanitarian assistance, hospitality, community care, and other significant forms of social encounter.

This panel is particularly interested in – but not limited to – the following research scopes:

  • Empirical studies on the cultural, deontological, and linguistic differences of/within Southern models of care and assistance to refugees in the region


  • Secular and faith-based Southern forms of assistance and protection addressing regional refugees


  • Diaspora organisations and philanthropic approaches to needy community members or to other social groups


  • The role of Southern actors in local governance, such as challenging or supporting social and political order during crisis


  • Public and private Southern forms of assistance and solidarity to regional refugees


  • Studies on the politics of knowledge which emerges in researching Southern-led responses to displacement in Southern settings.


  • Southern responses to displacement emphasising gender and age related issues


Individuals who would like to contribute can send a 250-word abstract to:

Dr Estella Carpi, (and cc Dr Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh: by November 29, 2017.

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