All seas I met. Suffering from hydro-nostalgia (by Estella Carpi, November 2014)

I’ve been back from Sydney since late September. In the run-up to the Milan winter, I find myself awfully nostalgic of the Australian ocean, which I used to mistrust. Getting attached to it would have meant decentralising my life and my affections. How many times I’ve taken it for granted, leading a French style “boulot-metro-dodo” life! Today I think of all oceans and seas I met in my life this far. As Katherine Stewart wrote in her “Ordinary Affects” (2007), emotions are a matter not of who we are and what we feel, but of where we are and what is expected of us. My meeting with all these seas cannot be removed from my “functions of memories, colours, smells, events, desires, thoughts, people, buildings, sounds and fears”. Each of these seas has implied for me new, old and refreshed – or lack of – expectations. Such a shame I don’t own a pic of all of them. I will share some here below.
I dedicate to them this nice Arabic poem (from “muntadiyat_banat_Libia”):

موج البحر عانق الغروب

في غروب الشمس والمنظر جميل

شفت موج البحر عانق هالغروب
وكل عاشق صوب محبوبه يميل

وانتشت بالفرح نبضات القلوب
إلا قلبي يا بحر مرسوم ويل

ذاب وحده والفرح عنه هروب
لي محب ٍ يا هوى دايم بخيل

كم تمنيته معي يضوي الدروب
ناح قلبي م آلم كنه قتيل

وانتفض هالبحر من دمعي السكوب
قلت أنا يا بحر لو همي تشيل

تخفي الأحزان أو تدفن ذنوب
ردت الأمواج حاشا مستحيل

ما وسع همك شمال ٍ أو جنوب
يالوله والشوق يالقلب العليل

كل بحر الحب في صدرك يذوب

وفى غروب الشمس والمنظر جميل

من دموعي ارتوى البحر الصبوب

South Australia, Kangaroo Island (Photo: Estella Carpi, March 2013)

Maroubra Beach, Sydney (Photo: Estella Carpi, September 2010)

Great Ocean Road, Melbourne (Photo: Estella Carpi, June 2012)

Rottnest Island’s Sea, Western Australia (Photo: Estella Carpi, August 2010)

Tasman Sea (Photo: Estella Carpi, April 2011)

Uluwatu, Bali’s Sea (Photo: Estella Carpi, January 2011)

Nuweiba, Egyptian Red Sea (Photo: Estella Carpi, April 2009)

Chianalea, Calabrian Sea, South Italy (Photo: Estella Carpi, August 2009)


Howth, Irish Sea (Photo: Estella Carpi, September 2008)

Beirut Sea, Lebanon (Photo: Estella Carpi, October 2011)

Akkar’s sea, North Lebanon (Photo: Estella Carpi, November 2012)

Tyre’s Sea, South Lebanon (Photo: Estella Carpi, September 2012)

Nigerian Ocean, Port Harcourt (Photo: Estella Carpi’s family, 1987)

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