The International Women’s Day in Zabadani, Syria (8th March 2013)

Zabadani is a Syrian town that hosted demonstrations since two weeks after the Daraa’s uprising, official outset of the Syrian Revolution (March 2011). It is located about 20 miles northwest of Damascus. Due to the regime’s assaults, fruit harvests, primary source of the town’s local economy, got tragically scarce. Nowadays the town can be told as one of the strongholds of the Free Syrian Army, made up of local volunteers and army defectors. 

The town got more “popular” when Hussein Sleekha, a young protester, got shot in the stomach by security forces during a Friday demonstration. He is known as Zabadani’s first revolutionary martyr back in May 2011.

“Tansiqiyyat thawrat al-Zabadani”, the local revolutionary committee, on occasion of the International Women’s Day, has published the following list of women victims of the Syrian regime’s repression from December 2011 till early March 2013.

I am reporting here below the names list in Arabic, entitled this way: “Our women martyrs of the Syrian Revolution: the mother, the bride, the sister and the daughter. You are the ones who showed to the whole world who the Syrian woman is”.

Another poster that the same committee spread out follows sideways, saying in Arabic: “The Syrian woman. You are not just the half of your society. You are also the one who makes the second half (March 8 2013)”.

(Estella Carpi)



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